Sunday, 8 February 2015

How to Make // Felt Love Heart

I was playing around in my sewing room a little while back with some left over material I had laying around. I ended up making this cute little hanging love heart & decided to share it with you all.


To make this Love Heart you will need:

Felt (this could be any colour you like, but I chose red)
Floral Fabric (again, any colour you like)
White ribbon
Needle & Thread (white, black & colour to match material)

  1. Draw yourself a heart shaped template and pin to your floral material. Cut out fabric.
  2. Pin the same template to your felt but this time cut about 1/2 an inch away from the template, so you can create a nice, felt border on your finished heart.
  3. Pin the two pieces of material together & sew - I chose to hand sew as the one I made was quite small, but if you have decided to make a bigger one you can machine sew.
  4. Cut a small piece of the white ribbon off and hand sew "love" onto it, keeping it as central as possible.
  5. Carefully hand sew this piece of ribbon to the heart - again keeping it central.
  6. Finish by creating a loop with a piece of the ribbon and sewing to the back of the heart.

 If you have had a go at this, I would love to see. Send me a photo of it on Twitter or put a link in the comments box below. You could do it using any word really & it could make a lovely gift for a Mum, Sister or Best Friend!


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