Thursday, 12 February 2015

Last Minute Valentines Ideas

So you have forgotten Valentines Day? Or you have accidentally already spent all of your wages? Fear not, as I have a handful of quick, easy & cheap Valentines Ideas for you!

Get Your Bake On!

We all know the way to every mans (or womans) heart is food, so get your bake on and make them their favourite cake. Even if you aren't the next Paul Hollywood or Mary Berry, it's the thought that counts. Use a love heart shaped mould or red / pink icing to stick with the Valentines theme. You could even go super crazy and put your cakes into individual boxes, with ribbon & hearts & glitter & romantic can see where this is going!

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Personalised Photo Frame

Grab yourself a cheap photo frame (but one that is still kinda nice) & personalise it in any way you like. Have a go at some scrabble art or use stamps to write a little message on the frame (or get it engraved). Decorate with hearts, ribbon, buttons, glitter...I could go on. Don't forget to pop your favourite photo of you & your valentine in the frame.

Love Vouchers

These are a super easy idea & real cute. Just find a border online and copy it into paint (things are getting basic over here) then put any text you like on there. I don't want to lower the tone of my blog, so some suggested ideas for your Love Vouchers are; 1 Hug, 1 Cup of Tea or 1 Free Chocolate Bar! You can get really creative with this one. When you're done, print them on coloured card & pop them in some mini envelopes ready for your Valentine. Sigh. So cute!

Jar of Sweets
I did something similar for Nick for Christmas. I got a Kilner style jar from 99p Stores (I know!) and filled it with all of his favourite sweets. To make it more "Valentinesy" you could only include red / pink sweets, decorate the jar with ribbon, buttons & glitter. Even personalise it with your own words - "You're so sweet".

These are also great gift ideas if you are in a new relationship & are not yet ready to get all "I Love You Soooo Much" just yet. Homemade gifts are always the best ones too - do you have any creative Valentines ideas?


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