Friday, 6 February 2015

The Great British Sewing Bee//It's Back(Week 1)

I have been so eagerly awaiting the return of The Great British Sewing Bee! Anyone who knows me, knows that this programme is one of my absolute favourites - why isn't it just on all year round please? So of course I made big plans to spend my Thursday night snuggled in front of the TV watching my fav ever show (Nick doesn't mind it either...)!

If you haven't watched it yet - then stop reading now as this post may contain spoilers. I love all of the contestants, but think the men in particular have really upped their game this year. Neil is already a potential winner for me! I had really high hopes for Alex - she seems like a real perfectionist but I think she just tried to do too much and struggled under pressure. I didn't like her skirt in the alteration challange either, as I personally felt she didn't really use enough of the denium shirt. It was the biggest transformation, but she only really used 2 strips of the shirt. Hopefully next week she will feel a little more calm and impress us all as I really feel she has the potential to be amazing!

As always, someone has to leave - which I think is so unfair in the first week. I agree with May & Patrick that it was very close between the bottom two people, but I wish Annie didn't have to go. I think she would of provided a lot of entertainment during this series. I am already sew (sorry) excited for next weeks episode. It always inspires me to try new things & improve my sewing skills. I have already had all of my sewing books out planning my next project!

What are your thoughts on this first episode of Series 3?


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